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Want To Retire By 55? Here’s How Annuities Can Help Want to retire by the age of 55? Achieving this goal has never been easier with annuities offering a solution to all retirement worries. Do You Know Aug 17, 2017
Understanding Endowments in 5 Simple Steps What do you look for when you save, is it the high returns or perhaps the opportunity for passive income? In this article, we explain the basics of an endowment policy and highlight 5 points to consider before when making your purchase. Do You Know Aug 11, 2017
Should You Compare Endowment Policies With Fixed Deposits? Fixed deposits and endowment policies – are you aware of the differences between the two? Do You Know Aug 03, 2017
5 Luxuries You Can (Almost...) Purchase With Your Daily Coffee Did you know that your daily coffee runs can cost as much as a trip to Spain? Here, we list 5 luxuries that you can indulge in if you change your coffee habits. Do You Know Jul 27, 2017
How Much Does It Cost To Live In Singapore 30 Years From Now? Touted as one of the world’s most expensive countries, are you prepared to live in Singapore 30 years from now? Do You Know Jul 21, 2017
What You Didn't Know About Whole Life Policies Seeking long-term coverage with the intention of leaving a legacy? Consider a Whole Life policy where cash values are accumulated and paid out to your loved ones. Do You Know Jul 14, 2017
Your Must-Have Guide To Term Insurance Looking to purchase life insurance but unsure of where to begin? In this article, we compare the different term plans to shed light on the differences and advantages of the various policies. Do You Know Jul 07, 2017
Why Cheapest Isn’t The Best (Policy) Constantly on the hunt for the best bargains as we hope to stretch our dollar for the best value. But what if the cheapest isn’t always the best? Do You Know Jun 27, 2017
Should Your Insurance Look The Same When You’re 25 And 50? When entering a new life stage, it is important that we regularly review our insurance policies to ensure that they are well-suited for our current financial obligations and needs. Do You Know Jun 16, 2017
MRTA: The Difference Between Keeping or Losing A Home Confused about the various options for mortgage insurance? Here are the 3 advantages of a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). Do You Know Jun 06, 2017
5 Unbelievable Properties You Can (Almost...) Afford With Your HDB Frustrated with the housing prices and options in Singapore? You may be surprised with these housing options that your HDB's value can give you. Do You Know May 25, 2017
Is Your CPF The Ultimate Piggy Bank? Should we treat our CPF like a "piggy bank"? Taking advantage of the higher interest rates to save up for our future needs? Do You Know May 18, 2017
Are Financial Disasters Your Thing? Here's 4 Mistakes You Must Avoid Would you be prepared in the face of an emergency? Or would you be flustered with no emergency funds or measures to rely on? Do You Know May 12, 2017
Why Getting A Degree Is Like Being A Penguin Is having a degree really important? Or does it merely reflect our survival of the fittest mindset? Do You Know May 05, 2017
What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Your Child's University Education With the number of university graduates increasing, does a degree still give your child an advantage in his/her career? Do You Know Apr 27, 2017
5 Amazing Countries You Can (Almost...) Retire With Your CPF Thinking of retiring abroad? Here are 5 countries to consider. Do You Know Apr 21, 2017
3 Surprising Facts About CPF Life You Probably Didn't Know Worried about your retirement? Here is how CPF Life can help to kick-start your retirement planning. Do You Know Apr 13, 2017
Should You Buy Insurance for Your Child? Here's 3 Quick Tips! Our children can bring much joy to our lives. We treasure and love the little ones, and want the best for them. As such, a question is often asked, should we be getting insurance for our children, and are we getting it right? Do You Know Mar 30, 2017
The 3 Dangerous Mistakes You Don't Want To Make With Your Insurance How cautious will you be when the lives and future of your loved ones are at stake? Don't leave things to chance when your loved ones are relying on you to get your coverage right. Do You Know Mar 17, 2017
5 Simple Steps on Getting Your Life Protection Coverage Right A protection gap is a hidden disaster waiting to happen, a financial burden for your loved ones to recover from. Are you giving your family the best chance to move on with life, when the unexpected happens? Do You Know Mar 10, 2017
How Do You Know If You Are Immune to Cancer? 1 in 4 males are likely to get cancer by age 75. Can you be certain that you would not be affected by critical illnesses within your lifetime? Are you able to take on the financial burden even though your income has dropped but the medical costs have increased? Do You Know Feb 17, 2017
Hard Truths: Why a $1 Million Insurance Coverage Is Necessary? Here at FSMOne, we have shown why there is a need for a $1 million insurance coverage – and the numbers have shown that this coverage is affordable. Moreover, rising expenditure in the long run justifies the need to review and evaluate this amount of insurance coverage. In this article, we will look at rising income levels as one of the key areas of concern if we do not have an adequate amount of coverage. Do You Know Feb 09, 2017
Average Singaporeans Need $1 Million Coverage. Have You Had Yours? If you have not sufficiently covered your protection needs, you might be surprised that $1 million coverage doesn’t cost much. At $90 per month, a 30 year old can attain a $1 million coverage which encompasses a good portion of their future protection needs. Do You Know Feb 03, 2017
Trump's Presidency: 3 Financial Planning Lessons You Don't Want to Miss You don't need the perfect plan for your financial protection. Waiting for a better time to do financial planning may be too late when disaster unexpectedly strikes. Take action today! Do You Know Jan 27, 2017
Pay lesser than iPhone 7+ for $1 Million Protection Coverage! Getting proper coverage just gotten a lot easier! With Manulife’s new premium revision for the New Year. Getting coverage you need without bursting your pocket just got even better. On top of the additional 30% commission rebate for FSMOne Insurance, your deal just gets better! Do You Know Jan 06, 2017
You Might be in Massive Trouble, Without These 3 Insurance Policies In life, the only constant is change. Unexpected events can impact us significantly, both emotionally and financially. Don't wait till the world comes crashing down. Here's 3 insurance policies that can help you make that difference for you and your loved ones. Do You Know Dec 16, 2016
4 Exciting Ways Insurance at FSMOne Makes Your Life Better Explore how Insurance at FSMOne makes getting the protection you need easier, more affordable, and convenient. Get a greater peace of mind today! Do You Know Dec 09, 2016
5 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Medisave & Shield Plans! Did you know that the interest earned from Medisave can help to fully pay your premiums till age 74? In this article, we will share with you 5 interesting facts about Medisave and Shield Plans. #5 is our favorite! Do You Know Nov 25, 2016
Why consumers should not consider Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI)? Since DPI is a no commission insurance product therefore I should I should jump in and buy? Hold your horses, before you do that, look at the differences before you think it is the best. No distribution does not necessary means it is the best product in the market. Do You Know Nov 17, 2016
Hidden Secrets Revealed - How Your Banker Is Trapping You! Want to know more on how much your banker really earns? Why does every banker always seem to recommend the similar products when you walk into a bank? Is it true that the product is really good for you, or good for their pockets? Let’s take a look into how your banker earns their revenue for the banks! Do You Know Nov 04, 2016
Worried About Critical Illness? Here's 3 Plans You Should Know With high medical inflation cost at 15%, are you worried that you may have insufficient savings to cover the financial impact of a critical illness? These illnesses usually strike when you least expect it, where recovery will require some time that may affect your earning capability. With that, here's 3 critical illness plans we think you should know. Do You Know Oct 28, 2016
Bank's Big Upfront Payment from Exclusive Distribution, Are You Worse Off? Have you wondered why banks in Singapore are having exclusive distribution agreements with specific insurance companies? With such exclusive distribution, what does it means to normal consumers like us? Do You Know Oct 21, 2016
3 Terrifying Facts About Critical Illness, You (Probably...) Didn't Know Critical illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and brain tumor, are ailments that can strike when you least expect it and getting the right treatment can lead to a significant financial strain on your family. An Integrated Shield plan (IP) can help cover hospitalization costs, but is it enough? Do You Know Oct 14, 2016
To Your Insurance Agent, You Are Just a $4,000 Cash Cow! Are life insurance that expensive, or are your friendly agents just interested in squeezing the most commission out of you? Here, we share what your agents might potentially be earning from you! Do You Know Oct 07, 2016
Would You Ever Try Bungee jumping… Without a Rope? Bungee jumping is exciting, it gets your adrenaline pumped up. However, have you ever wonder why it is important to have proper safety checks in place before the jump off? Do You Know Sep 16, 2016
3 Secrets Your Banker Doesn't Want You to Know! Are there secrets that your Banker doesn’t want you to know? Do You Know Sep 09, 2016
Do you know that Medical Inflation in Singapore is 15% now? Part 3 In our final part of the article series on medical inflation, Term Insurance which include Critical Illness (CI) rider will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a major illness. With this amount of money, you can use it on the medical treatment which is likely to be costly. Do You Know Sep 02, 2016
Do you know that Medical Inflation in Singapore is 15% now? Part 2 For part 2 of our article series, we are going to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received on Medishield Life and Integrated Shield Plan (IP). Do You Know Aug 23, 2016
Do you know that Medical Inflation in Singapore is 15% now? Part 1 What is medical inflation and should you be worried about it? Insurance products are designed to provide protection and give us a peace of mind. As the cost of medical products increases, it is important to note that insurance help to defray the costs to a certain extent too. Let us find out more in this article. Do You Know Aug 12, 2016
A Misplaced Priority: Investment First and Insurance Later Investment opportunities are more interesting than Insurance. Investors will likely to be attracted to the supposedly “high returns” that investment opportunities usually advertise. However, during financial planning process, we need to prioritise what is important because it seems like investors have misplaced their priorities. Do You Know Jul 05, 2016