Fundsupermart's Pricing Structure 2015 ("FSM") is committed to bringing value to investors, helping you invest globally and profitably. Our low sales charges and wide range of investment products ensure that you get maximum investment exposure on your capital and our various free tools and services allow you to understand what exactly you are investing in.

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Our pricing structure is very different from traditional distribution channels, because our commission is completely transparent.

All investors can enjoy savings from the policies' commission rebate received from the insurers at Insurance@FSM.

Insurance Advisory Service No Charges Applicable
Insurance Product (upon policy inception) 30% in commission rebate of insurance policies.
Shield plans, Eldershield supplements, or any other policies purchased using CPF Medisave/SRS, are excluded.

Do note that rebates will be made via direct credit into clients' cash account with, and will be given at the end of each policy year (not calendar year), regardless of the premium frequency you have chosen. Rebates will be given according to the period stated in the projected commission rebate schedule provided by FSM for each plan or up to a maximum of 6 years, whichever is shorter.

However, we should stress that our emphasis will be placed on addressing your insurance needs, and on making product recommendations that would fulfill your unique circumstances and needs. We do not recommend clients to purchase insurance solely for the rebates.


Processing Fee 0.35% of nominal value for each buy/sell order, subject to a minimum of SGD10 (or in its equivalent currency).*
Platform Fee 0.05% per quarter calculated on a daily average market value of bonds.

Note: For the purchase of Retail Bonds listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, please note that Fundsupermart will be absorbing the Brokerage Clearing Fees of 0.0325% and SGX Access Fee of 0.0075% on the contract value, and the GST on brokerage fees, till further notice.

Platform fee is accrued daily and deducted on a quarterly basis.

SGS Bonds

Processing Fee 0.1% of nominal value
Annual Custody Fee (charged upon coupon payout) 0.1% of nominal value

Our Offerings

Normal Normal+ Silver Silver+ Gold Gold+ Diamond Diamond+
Qualifying Assets under Administration (AUA) < SGD 100,000 SGD 100,000 -
SGD 199,999
SGD 200,000 -
SGD 499,999
> SGD 500,000
Requires Accredited Investors (AI) declaration - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible
Retail Funds Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Restricted Funds - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible
Singapore Government Securities (SGS Bonds) Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Retail Bonds Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Wholesale Bonds Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
New Bond Issues Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
30% in commission rebate of insurance policies Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Regular Savings Plan (RSP) 0% 0% 0% 0%
All Fixed Income Funds
Including Money Market & Short Duration Funds
0% 0% 0% 0%
All Other Funds
(Alternative Investments, Balanced, Equity etc. – including Restricted Funds)
0.35%* 0.35%* 0% 0%
Same Tier Switching
(Between Funds of the Same Sales Charges)
0% 0% 0% 0%
Cross Tier switching
(Between Funds of Different Sales Charges)
0.35%* 0.35%* 0% 0%
Rewards Points for Bonds & Unit Trusts Purchases Eligible 10% bonus 20% bonus 20% bonus
Investment and Insurance Advisory Services Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Priority Invitation to Close-door Events - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible - Eligible
Priority to Selected FSM Events - Eligible - Eligible Eligible Eligible
Fundsupermart Flagship Events Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Fundsupermart Seminars Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
Alerts Subscription Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible
*subject to a minimum of SGD10 per transaction
At Fundsupermart, we are firm believers of investing for the long-term. With this in mind, we have launched the Fundsupermart Rewards Programme to reward our investors for investing and holding their assets with us. Investors will be able to earn Rewards Points from their cash transactions and cash holdings. These Rewards Points can then be used to redeem a wide range of gifts available on our Rewards catalogue. Depending on your account status (see table above on how to elevate your account status), you get to enjoy more bonus Rewards Points! Check out our Fundsupermart Rewards Programme here!

Unit Trusts - Ongoing Charges (Platform Fee)

All CPF-OA and CPF-SA Investments 0%
Fixed Income 0.05% per quarter
Others# (Alternative Investments, Balanced, Equity etc.)
- First S$200,000 0.1125% per quarter^
- Next S$300,000 0.09% per quarter
- Remaining investments above S$500,000 0.05% per quarter

Platform fee is accrued daily and deducted on a quarterly basis.

# For the purpose of benefitting from lower rates based on different tiers, the effective platform fee rate is based on the total combined holdings of all FSM accounts under the main account holder, inclusive of any beneficiary
account holdings, cash fund holdings and CPF holdings. This platform fee rate is charged on Cash/SRS holdings only, CPF holdings are exempted.

^ This will be reduced to 0.35% per annum by December 2017.


  • The currency used in the tables of charges is the Singapore Dollar (SGD) unless otherwise stated.
  • Where minimum charge applies, this will be capped at the maximum allowable sales charge highlighted in the prospectus.
  • For non-SGD transactions, the following currency minimum charges apply - USD 8.00, AUD 8.00, EUR 6.50, GBP 5.50, CNY 50.00.
  • All fees and sales charges quoted are exclusive of GST.