Is Your Coverage Sufficient For Your Secret Sugar Addiction?

Are you exceeding your daily recommended sugar intake?

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Did you know that a bowl of mee siam contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar?1 With the majority of Singaporeans unaware of the sugar hidden in their food and beverages, we may unknowingly be consuming more sugar than necessary.2 This could lead to negative health complications such as diabetes, obesity and other liver and heart diseases. As poor diet results in 20 per cent of deaths around the world, it is therefore important that we take note of our dietary habits, maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure that we have sufficient coverage in the event of poor health.3

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#1 Hidden sugars

Hidden sugar refers to the natural and added sugar found in food and beverages. Found in both sweet and savoury food items, dining out for all three meals would likely result in us exceeding our daily sugar quota. For instance, a can of coke contains 7 teaspoons of sugar thus drinking it would exceed our daily recommended sugar intake of 6 teaspoons.

Apart from sweet food and drinks, hidden sugars can also be found in savoury food items with a jar of pasta sauce containing 6 teaspoons of sugar. Therefore, as savoury items can contain a substantial amount of sugar, reading the nutritional label would allow you to better determine the sugar content and nutritional values. Additionally, it is also important to note that "healthy" food options may not be as healthy as they claim to be with flavoured Greek yogurts consisting of more sugar than glazed doughnuts.

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#2 Health consequences

Consuming copious amounts of sugar can be damaging to our health as it increases our risk of obesity, diabetes and other health complications.4 We may also be at a higher risk of developing liver and heart diseases as excess sugar is converted into fats and stored in the liver when our liver is unable to metabolise the sugar. This could result in the development of the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which may then lead to liver failure, liver cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.5 With obesity and diabetes posing a serious health problem to Singaporeans, it is therefore important that we maintain a healthy diet.

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#3 Healthcare

While Singaporeans are expected to enjoy increased life expectancy, it is also estimated that we would spend an average of eight years of poor health in old age.6 This could result in us spending a substantial amount on healthcare in our later years. As such, it is important that we maintain a healthy diet, cut down on our sugar intake and obtain adequate insurance so as to ensure that we would receive coverage in the event of poor health.

Furthermore, as age is a factor in determining your risk of developing an illness, your policy may cost more when you are older. Therefore it is advisable to purchase health insurance when you are young and healthy as you are likely to pay less for insurance then. Doing so would also increase your chances of getting insured with coverage harder to obtain as you age due to pre-existing medical conditions.

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