Comparing Disability Insurance

Will ElderShield suffice for your long term care needs?

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TM Protect 1
Tokio Marine
NTUC Income
NTUC Income
Entry Age
Age 19 to 60 (Age Next Birthday)
Age 40 to 64 (Age Last Birthday)
Age 40 to 64 (Age Last Birthday)
Pay-out upon
Inability to perform 1 Activity Of Daily Living (ADL)
Inability to perform 3 Activity Of Daily Living (ADL)
Inability to perform 3 Activity Of Daily Living (ADL)
Pay-out duration
36 or 72 months
60 or 72 months
Premium payment term
Up to age 70
Until age 65
Up to age 83 (dependent on entry age)
Premium types
Premiums increases with age
Premiums remain level and are determined at age of entry
Premiums remain level and are determined at age of entry
Payment methods
Fully payable by Medisave
Payable by Medisave up to $600 annually
Coverage period
Up to age 70
Insured for life if premiums paid until age 65
Insured for life if premiums paid full
Death benefit
3 times of your chosen monthly benefit
Additional benefits
Get well benefit, Care giver benefit, Transport benefit, Home improvement benefit, Mobility aids reimbursement benefit, Rehabilitation benefit, Disability due to heart attack or stroke benefit
Get well benefit, Dependent care benefit, Severe disability benefit

For pay-out upon first Activity of Daily Living (ADL): TM Protect 1

The first in the market, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you will be covered from the first ADL.

For premiums to be fully payable by Medisave: Eldershield

Auto-enrolled into Eldershield, premiums are fully payable with Medisave.

For a lifetime of pay-outs: PrimeShield

Designed to complement existing coverage from Eldershield, PrimeShield offers a lifetime pay-out if premiums are paid till maximum age.

Available Disability Insurance:

NTUC Income - Eldershield, PrimeShield

Tokio Marine - TM Protect 1

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