Comparing Critical Illness Policies

Protect yourself and your loved ones with a critical illness policy.

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Ready CompleteCare
TM Multicare
TM EarlyCover
Silver Secure
Lady 360
Tokio Marine
Tokio Marine
NTUC Income
NTUC Income
All stages of Critical Illnesses for 106 conditions and death
Critical illnesses and death
119 medical conditions or procedures arising from different stages of severity
Senior diseases and death. Coverage may be provided even for those with existing conditions (e.g. higher cholestrol and blood pressure levels)
Female illnesses, surgeries, support and death
Entry Age
Age 0 to 65
Age 1 to 60 or 65
Age 1 to 65
Age 40 to 74 (Age Last Birthday)
Age 15-59 (Age Last Birthday)
Policy Term
To age 75 or 99
To age 70, 75 and 85
To age 70, 75 and 85
To age 100 (Age Last Birthday)
10 year renewable or up to age 64 (Age Last Birthday)
Multiple claims coverage
"Cover me again benefit": benefit restarts coverage even after a claim is made, up to 500%
Multiple claims allowed even after an early or intermediate or advanced stage critical illness. Total pay-out for claims up to 700% of sum assured.
Can claim for more than 1 insured event, up to cover limit provided it is not for same illness or surgery or cause (except for cancer)
Additional Pay outs
Additional major Critical Illness benefit - pays 200% for 6 covered Critical Illnesses, only payable once
Recurring cancer benefit - pays 100% for subsequent advanced stage major cancer, payable up to a maximum of 2 times and capped at 200% of sum assured
Additional cancer benefit - pays up to 200% of sum assured for new, persistent, spread of recurrent major cancers
Benefit for special or juvenile conditions
Pays an additional 20% of sum assured for 18 special conditions. Pay outs capped at S$25,000 for up to 6 claims and doesn’t reduce the sum assured for Critical Illnesses
Pays 20% of sum assured for 10 Special and/or Juvenile conditions. Pay-out is capped at $25,000 with a maximum of 5 claims allowed
Pays 20% of sum assured for 10 Special and/or Juvenile conditions. Pay-out is capped at $25,000 with a maximum of 5 claims allowed
Upon diagnosis of a specified health condition, a special benefit equal to 3 times of your chosen monthly benefit is paid out
Death benefit
Total premiums paid less any claims pay-out are refunded
10% of sum assured given regardless of number of prior claims made
$20,000 regardless of number of prior claims made
Up to $10,000
Free health check
Yes, complimentary basic health check every 2 years, transferrable to your loved ones
Yes, tailored health screening every 2 years and gets more comprehensive as you age
Free child cover
Pays $10,000 per child in event of any 36 advanced CI. Maximum payout of $20,000 per policy
Pay outs
Up to $250,000 for early stage,
Up to $350,000 for intermediate stage,
100% of coverage for an advanced stage
2 claims allowed each at 100% of sum assured for early/intermediate stage of critical illnesses. Pay outs up to $350,000
2 claims allowed each at 300% of sum assured for advanced stage of critical illnesses
For major cancers (advanced stage), an additional 2 claims each at 100% of sum assured can be made
Receive 100% of your sum assured, up to $350,000 for early and intermediate stages and 100% of your sum assured for advanced stage
Upon diagnosis of a specified senior disease, your chosen monthly benefit is paid out until age 100.
Also receive a lump sum support benefit of 6 times your chosen monthly benefit upon a successful claim
Female illnesses benefit - cover ranges from 50 to 100% with the total amount capped at 100% of sum assured
Female surgeries benefit - cover ranges from 15 to 30% with total amount payable capped at 50% of sum assured
Support benefits - cover ranges from 5 to 100% with total amount capped at 100% of sum assured
Waiver of future premiums
Add-on rider available
Juvenile waiver benefit allows future premiums to be waived upon the successful claim of an advanced stage critical illness from layer 2
Premiums waived upon first early/intermediate stage critical illness claim
Premium payments waived upon successful claim for a specified senior disease
Waiver for next 24 months or until end of policy term (whichever earlier) upon diagnosis of a covered female illness

For multiple claims: Ready CompleteCare and TM Multicare

Receive the option of making multiple claims up to 900% of your sum assured.

For gender specific coverage: Lady 360

Tailored for females, this policy covers for female specific procedures such as eggs freezing and hormone replacement therapy.

For seniors: Silver Secure

Coverage provided for senior specific diseases with a minimum age of 40 necessary for the policy entry age.

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