Upcoming New Bond Issues from Astrea III – Indicate Your Interest to Subscribe Now!


Dear Valued Investor,

With recent news that Astrea III Pte Ltd (a Temasek Holdings unit) is looking to issue notes backed by the cashflows from a portfolio of private equity (PE) fund investments, we highlight certain key points for your takeaway.

What’s happening?

Astrea III Pte. Ltd, an entity which owns interests in 34 PE funds, is looking to issue a series of notes which are backed by the cashflows of the underlying PE funds. The issuer is currently in the midst of meeting prospective investors, and the notes are expected to be announced thereafter.

Things to note

For the upcoming Astrea III notes, the issue is structured as a collateralised obligation backed by a portfolio of PE fund investments – this differs from the usual bond structure. How exactly are these notes structured? What are the key considerations before investing in these notes? Are these notes really backed by Temasek Holdings? Refer to What You Should Know About the Upcoming Astrea III Notes – Part 1 to learn more!

Are these notes suitable for me?

The Astrea III notes may likely be issued in various classes, each with its own unique features and opportunities catered to different groups of investors. What You Should Know About the Upcoming Astrea III Notes – Part 2 helps you understand more about the different features of each class of notes.

How do I indicate my interest for the upcoming Astrea III bonds?

As the Astrea III notes may be announced and launched soon, you may wish to indicate your interest to subscribe for these notes now. To place your interest to subscribe for the new notes, kindly drop an email to the Investment Advisory team at advisory@fundsupermart.com to kick-start the process. As per the usual procedure of new bond issues, do note that an indication of interest in the notes does not mean a successful allocation.

Note: The Astrea III notes are classified as Specified Investment Products (SIPs)

Clients who are successfully allocated the Astrea III notes will be notified via email. Our standard fees will apply on all successful transactions. Please see Pricing Structure for more details. Fundsupermart reserves the right to amend the mechanics of the indication of interest without prior notification.

Please read our full disclaimers in the website. Do also read the Investment Account Terms and Conditions.


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